Joyful Witnessing

Grace is the experience of awe, wonder and gratitude when you are in harmony with yourself, with others and with the cosmos. Grace is “awe-wakening” to the unimaginably vast and magnificent power of Creativity that gives us light, life and love. Living in the overflow of grace inspires us to generously contribute to this grand evolutionary adventure called life.

When we harmoniously align with the energy that creates the universe, we create lives of spiritual freedom, emotional strength and effortless success that benefits ourselves and those around us

Sometimes, chance seems to favor us, and happiness happens, seemingly by accident. Other times, chance seems to plague us with problems and we feel depressed. For these challenging times, we can harness the power of grace to transform obstacles into opportunities to create happiness that overflows to others.

The Evolution of Grace

Traditionally, grace has been defined as the "free and unmerited favor of God." For some non-religious people, grace is just another delusion. Now, as technology allows scientists to elucidate the workings of the mind, we are learning ways to cultivate happiness and compassion in more predictable ways. The next frontier is understanding the science of grace. By understanding grace and learning how it evolved, we can learn how to cultivate grace in our own lives. Like electricity, grace has energy and the more we understand it, the better we are able to harness its healing, transformative and creative powers. With this information, everyone has access to the power of those "grace-inspired" people such as Paul, Martin Luther, and many others whose experience of grace was so powerful, it redirected their lives, in turn changing the course of history and improving the lives of millions. This site presents grace in the light of science and evolution. This light illuminates ways to create masterpieces of our lives.

Benefits of Grace

When people are in a state of grace, they experience flow, connection, lightheartedness, balance, strength, purpose, and a feeling of a happiness that is a blessing to themselves and to others. Some of the many benefits of grace include: freedom from mental slavery, flowing energy, balance, emotional strength, clarity of purpose, focus, better decision making, serenity in all circumstances, healed relationships, effortless success, abundance, enhanced creativty, and greater compassion. Grace is the antidote to spiritual dis-ease and the elixir of spiritual growth.

You are the Artist, Create Your Masterpiece

How we experience life influences how we create it. As the artist of your life, your soul is your canvas, your thoughts are the paints that color your emotions, and your actions are the brushstrokes that create your world. To experience the gift of life is to create a masterpiece.


Many teachers, wisdom sayings, poems, prayers and good news from science inspire feelings of grace. These inspirations, from diverse religions, philosophies and positive psychology, remind us that many paths lead to grace. Just as artists express their visions in various ways, people experience grace in many ways, some of which are described in these pages.


This site is brought to you by Cathy Russell, an explorer of evolution, a celebrator of each moment, and an enthusiastic creator of her most magnificent life.