I think I can.



My Brilliant Heart Appreciates the Brilliance of Your Heart.


I create wisdom and love.


I adore Creativity


For Love




Warm Hearts





I am a creative avatar of Universal Creativity.
I am exactly where I should be.
I laugh at the paradoxes of life.

I am awareness.
I have dominion over my life.
I am free to choose the life of my dreams.
I am aware that this, too, shall pass.

My worth is not determined by my mood or my thoughts.
I embrace the awareness that pain gives me.
I celebrate the wisdom gained from making mistakes.
When I go into darkness, I bring a light.

I am a sage in training.
I am aware of the precious present.
If I know better, I do better.
Now is where attention and intention intersect.
Insight from the past guides me in the future.

I am a blessed and loving friend.
I am a devoted and beloved spouse.
I love and support my family and friends.
I see the Presence of Love in my fellow humans, especially when I struggle with them.
I see kindness in others.
I am the awareness of generosity flowing forth to everyone and everything everywhere.

I work at a vocation I truly love.
I work with people I love and who love and respect me.
I express myself creatively through my work and I earn a good income doing it.
I manage my money wisely, so that abundance grows.

I am becoming healthier with my good choices and actions.
I practice post-critical radical optimism that transforms fear into serenity.
I have clarity.

I am a steward of Life's gifts.
I promote continued blossoming of Creation.
I support the growth of my colleagues.

I am one of many lights.

I am enriching the Universe.
Creativity is a gift to us.  Using our creativity is our gift back to All.
I am the abundance of Life bursting forth unreservedly in my life and in all those with whom I have any contact.
As we move toward our dreams, we move toward our joy.
Creativity is the natural order of life.  Life is energy: pure, creative energy.
Energy is connection between past and future, between point a and point b, between you and me.
In solitude, I remember my connection to others.
I don’t expect to find the light in all situations, but rather to radiate the light.

~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ ~~ ~

Affirmations lift us from limiting ideas into possibilities of joy.

The above affirmations are adapted from various sources, including Julia Cameron, Louise Hay, Alan Anderson, and Deb Whitehouse.

Additional affirmations may be found at Daily Word.com.