The arc of the universe bends toward justice.
~ Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


The order of the universe is toward compassion.
~ Rev., Dr. Pete Terpenning

LoveGood News: Moving Toward Grace

Although headlines might suggest otherwise, the world is becoming a more graceful place. This sounds radical and contrary to bumper sitcker wisdom that says "If you're not appalled, then you haven't been paying attention." From one perspective, there are increasing hardships. Yet from another perspective, the more closely you pay attention to the unfolding process of life, the more you realize that "If you are not enthralled, then you haven't been paying attention."

When seen from the perspective of millions of years, we can see that part of the universe moves toward grace. In some parts of the universe, there is greater complexity, greater cooperation, greater consciousness and even greater compassion. In the past 2000 years, the blink of an eye in geologic time, humans continue to move toward improving health, decreasing violence, increasing awareness, ever widening circles of compassion for others, increasingly humane treatment of animals, and increasing ability to solve problems.

My point is not to diminish some of the serious problems threatening humanity and other species. It is rather to show how when we align with the powers that create our universe, we can overcome these problems. And the great news is that now we have better tools to deal with some of these problems.   A growing awareness of problems will lead to their solutions.

Increasing Awareness

Awareness is the beginning of wisdom and compassion. Humanity is becoming ever more aware of blessings, of potential problems and of their solutions. This list of "Good News" is meant to be a reminder of the growing numbers of blessings in our lives.

Awareness of blessings gives us the hope and courage to survive and thrive.

A paradoxical blessing is our ability to be aware of problems. At first, awareness of a problem is distressing. Yet, like the heat of a fire, it's better to feel the heat and move away than to be unaware and get burned. While this growing awareness at first feels painful, it leads to action that relieves the cause of the pain. The good news is that our awareness of problems grows exponentially and along with this, the power to solve problems.

Improving Health

While headlines pronounce the decline of world health, statistics show that more humans than ever before are living longer and healthier lives. While the old problems are joined by many new problems, such as growing levels of obesity related diseases, growth of antibiotic resistant strains of microbes, and increased rates of cancer, overall, the picture is getting better.

Increasing Peace

Violent Conflict Decreasing

Care For Environment


Increasing Justice

Freedom in World"Freedom in the World" by Freedom House 1973 - 2008 (2009 Edition)
Graph indicates percentage of Not Free, Partly Free and Free countries.

Increasing Chances for Survival

Increasing Charity

Humane Treatment of Animals



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