Warm Heart Meditation

Warm Heart Meditation


Meditation inspired by Sky

This Warm Heart Meditation is the most revolutionary, revealing, integrative, meditation I have ever experienced. I suppose I feel this way because a Warm Heart is so tangible in its warmth. Other words are experiences are so ethereal. Love, kindness, God, compassion. All abstract. But Warm Heart is tangible. ANd it’s powerful.  My first time into my Warm Heart was like miraculously entering the Kingdom of Heaven to meet the One Heart.  I have had other grace moments or “Born Again” experiences, but this was a kind of conscious rebirth.  Rather than rebirth, maybe it was more like a new construction: the Construction of the Temple of Warm Heart in the center of my being.  It’s a place I can go to anytime, anyplace. Now I know precisesly where “The Kingdom of Heaven” lies.  It’s within my Warm Heart.   I suppose most of my life I’ve been stumbling around, occasionally landing in my Warm Heart, but I didn’t have a map nor did I have a name.  The other times that I was in the Temple of Warm Heart, it was as if I had been blindfolded and taken there and then when I fell asleep afterwards, I had no idea how I had been taken to the Temple of the Warm Heart. This meditation is the path there.

The goal of this meditation is to live in the abundance of a warm heart. From this place of warmth and unconditional love, you can invite others to live in the warmth of their own hearts.

Kindling a Warm Heart

Sometimes your

Create Your Ideal Life

Imagine you are nestled within your own warm heart, in a comfortable place of love and light.  This place is within you and always accessible to you. In this place, there is no neediness, no urgency.  Everything is perfect. In this place, you imagine “reality” outside.  What is outside is an expression of what has already happened inside the Warm Heart.

Once you have been to the Warm Heart, you realize that the world of “reality” is a place to go to give warmth, not to receive warmth.

Everything that happens on “the outside” is an invitation for a warmer heart.   The most trying times are all opportunities for miracles.  Even crucifiction is an invitation for a warmer heart.

All beauty first begins in a Warm Heart.

The warm heart is heaven, nirvana, bliss, As the center of our being, the Warm Heart is already here. We can have it all, we already have it all we want in our own Warm Heart.

In the Temple of Unconditional Self Love, you determine your own self image, rather than letting others determine your self image.

If you forget how awesome you are, you won’t be able to enjoy it.

Meeting a Challenge

You can use the Warm Heart meditation whenever you meet a challenge. Resolve to meet each new challenge in a way that honors each participant. Hand to Heart, imagine self and other in the Temple of Unconditional Love together and let solution emanate from the warmth of your hearts.

The hardest part is recognizing when an event or thing is a challenge.  So often a person can unconsciously get swept into a stream of negative consciousness, unaware that one is paddling in the old ways, with a cold heart, attempting to solve a problem, rather than feeling warmth.

The Warm Heart Gesture

Once you have experienced the The Warm Heart meditation and entered the Temple of Unconditional Love, you may reeneter the Temple at any moment, by simply putting your hand over your heart and remembering that you can abide in your Warm Heart.  To get to the temple of Unconditional Love, place your hand over your heart and say, ‘there’s no place like Om.’

The Warm Heart Blessing

A variation of this gesture is a greeting where you put one hand over your heart and the other hand over your friend’s heart.  You meet in the One Warm Heart. From this place, all you need to do is mirror the warmth in the other person’s heart.


According to Emmet Fox, the Golden Key to happiness is:  “Whatever your problem, stop thinking about the problem and think about God instead.“ An even more direct way to say this is, “What problems? All I know is a loving, tender and warm heart.”

This idea of prioritizing a warm heart over clarity seems to work great. One data point was my ability to easily focus during meditation. My intent during meditation was to strengthen my capacity to focus attention. My goal was to focus on counting my breaths. If I got distracted from counting breaths, I would go back to one and start counting again. In the past, when I have done this type of meditation, I have not gotten beyond 3 or 4. But on this particular day, I came into the meditation with a warm heart. I was feeling great my relationships to my work, to others and to life. I had been playing with the Warm Heart Meditation so that it was easy to go to that place of a warm heart. During the meditation, after a few distractions ending my counting at 19, 4, 7, to 5, my mind cleared and I counted to 147. While this is only one data point, it seems that my warm heart allowed the conditions of focus and concentration.

I had always thought that clear focus would create the condition for a warm heart. It probably works this way, but now I have growing evidence that a Warm Heart allows for clarity. In other words, if your goal is love, focus on warm heart. If your focus is clarity, focus on warm heart. If you see a problem standing between you and love, don’t focus on removing the problem, but instead focus on creating love and the problem will be seem to magically solve itself.

Sky, I get what you have been telling me! Man. I remember last year, you told me to not do anything until I felt a warm and loving heart. Against all my tendencies to “just do it” to “work” to” effort”, instead I simply slept, dreamed and meditated and then a creative impulse filled me and I created the first draft of the “Serenity” slide show of your poem. This felt really good.

I find it interesting how often liberal Christians (and I) forget Jesus #1 Advice: Love God with all heart, mind, soul and strength and love neighbor as self. Instead, we tend to focus on “Fighting for justice,” “Solving the Problem of Poverty” and “Struggling for Peace.”

I think the reason liberals prioritize Reason over Love (head over heart) is because they don’t believe in God (aka “Love” or “The Source” of Love, or “the Great Lover” ) so much as they believe in reason and problem solving, aka science and technology, to bring justice, end poverty and promote peace. How is it possible to put full faith in God (Love) when you suspect that intellectuals might be right, that Nietzsche was right when he said “God is dead?”

God is not dead. Rather, faith in Love has been asleep. Sky, you have resurrected God for me.

I can hear Pastor Pete in a sermon reminding us to “Love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength”. I also hear the question in his voice. The question as to what that really means.

Sky, I am so inspired by your faith. You know the power of a Warm Heart. You, my dear poet, have paraphrased the essence of warm heart so beautifully, “There is no way to love, love is the way.”

So yes. The way to a warm heart is through a warm heart. Rest and recuperation allows the heart to warm. A stressed life leads to a cold heart.

Other Warm Heart Meditations

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Heart Warming Meditation

“Warmheartedness is abundance.”

“WARM- HEARTEDNESS gives inner strength, respect and deep calm. In turn, deep calm gives the whole picture. ” ~ Dalai Lama

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. ~Antoine de Saint Exupery

The heart is the place where one can meet God. He who follows his heart, follows God. ~ Ole Martin Hoysted

The heart has its reasons of which reasons knows nothing. ~ Blaise Pascal

Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart. ~ Confucious

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.~ Dalai Lama

Your body is the harp of your soul and it is yours to bring forth sweet music or confused sounds. ~ Kahali Gibran

We were not sent into this world to do anything into which we cannot put our hearts. ~John Ruskin

All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire, but my heart is exclusively my own. ~John Wolfgang VanGoethe

I cannot heave my heart into my mouth. ~King Leer-Shakespeare

The brain with it’s cool logic and the heart with its volatility act alone as well as in concert – Juxtaposed – to make up our essential selves. But the heart alone, is viewed as the vessel of love and malice, compassion and cruelty, good and evil.

Faith is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Those who don’t know how to weep with their whole heart, don’t know how to laugh either. ~ Golda Meir

Happiness is power of a warm heart. It is the power to overcome disease.

The heart can do anything. Jean-Baptiste Moliere

Try as you might, you cannot annihilate that eternal relic of the human heart: love. ~ Victor Hugo

To understand the heart and mind a a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to. ~ Kahlil Gibran

The heart is the seat of the soul, the temple of wisdom, the font of forgiveness.

The heart is the container of deepest emotions, highest values, the wellspring of courage and resolve, the source of most profound knowledge and a symbol of love, happiness, compassion and courage.

In each body, the heart pumps life through 60,000 miles of vessels, a distance of twice around the Earth.

The heart is formed first and stops working last.

I have yet to see grief listed as the cause of death on a death certificate, but that’s not because it doesn’t happen.

“Neediness is just a form of cold-heartedness.” ~ Sky