When we align with the energy of the  universe, we can create lives of joy, courage and power.

Grace is about aligning with the power that creates the universe and everything in it.

The birth of the universe 13.8 billion years ago released a flow of energy that we see as light, feel as warmth and experience as all things.

This flow of energy creates all matter,  from subatomic particles to giant galaxies to the smallest bacteria to the largest whales.

This flow of energy is perceived as time.   Time moves in a direction that some people call “Arrow of Time” or “Evolutions’s Arrow” or “Entropic Time.”  In other words, the universe has a direction.

Like cream swirling into spirals in a coffee mug before being dispersed evenly into the coffee. As energy flows, complex structures form and eventually dissolve,

Energy is destructive and creative.  Giant  exploding  stars destroy themselves even as they create new elements in fusion reactions.