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You are the artist, your life is your canvas, your thoughts are the paints with which you color your emotions, and your your actions are the brushstrokes that create your world. This web site offers inspiration to help you create a beautiful masterpiece of your life.

What is Grace?

Until recently, grace has been a concept understood only within the realm of religion. Now, scientists are beginning to elucidate the workings of the mind and thus learning to understand grace in a more predictable way that is independent of any religion. Like electricity, grace has power and the better we understand it, the better we are able to harness its healing, transformative and creative powers.

Grace is the experience of unconditional love when you are in harmony with yourself, with others and with the cosmos. Grace has power in it, and when we align with this power, we can create a life of spiritual freedom, emotional strength and effortless success that benefits us and all those around us.


Benefits of Grace

When people are in a state of grace, they experience flow, connection, lightheartedness, balance, strength and a feeling of a happiness that is a blessing to themselves and to others. Some of the many benefits of grace include: freedom from mental slavery, flowing energy, balance, emotional strength, a sense of purpose, clarity and focus, better decision making, serenity in all circumstances, healed relationships, effortless success, abundance, enhanced creativty, and greater compassion. Grace is the antidote to spiritual dis-ease and the elixir of spiritual growth. Grace may also be, (dare I say it?), the salvation of the world.

Creating Grace

Sometimes, chance seems to favor us, and grace happens, seemingly by accident. Yet when we choose to be artists of our lives, we may create grace for ourselves at any moment. When we choose to be the authors of our lives, doors to wonderful new possibilities open, as if by magic.


Many teachers, wisdom sayings, poems, prayers and good news from science inspire feelings of grace. These inspirations, from diverse religions, philosophies and positive psychology, remind us that many paths lead to grace. Just as artists express their visions in various ways, there are many ways to create grace, some of which will be described in these pages.


This site is brought to you by Cathy Russell, an explorer of evolution, celebrator of each moment, and enthusiastic creator of her most magnificent life.