Purpose of This Site?

The purpose of the Art of Grace is to help you experience more grace in your life.

Harnessing the Power of Grace

Like electricity, grace has power in it.  The better we understand electricity and grace, the better we are able to harness its powers.  In the past century, scientists used oscilloscopes, voltmeters and spectrum analyzers to explored electricity. Now, humans have the tools of neuroscience, such as MRIs, molecular biology and   biofeedback, to investigate the mind.  We now have a better understanding of physiology of happiness,  of meditation, of friendship and of grace, Now, we better understand the power of grace so that we may harness its power to transform hearts, communities and the world in unimaginable ways.

Innovative Leadership Through Grace

In the past, people who have experienced grace have led great advances in human culture. Experiencing grace, Moses led his people to freedom from the Egyptians. Experiencing grace, Buddha encouraged his students to seek enlightenment. Experiencing grace, Jesus gave his desciples unconditional love. Experiencing grace, Martin Luther led the reformation and led people to directly experience the divine. Experiencing grace, Gandhi led his people to non-violent independence. Experiencing grace, Dr. Martin Luther King led the Civil Rights movement. Today, experiencing grace, millions of people are transforming society yet again, in millions of ways. Some, like Paul Hawken, lead people in the transformation of business, government, and other institutions into forces for social justice, environmental sustainability and spiritual growth.

Sustainability Through Grace

“We cannot save our planet unless humankind undergoes
a widespread spiritual and religious awakening.”
~ Paul Hawken in Blessed Unrest

Today, humanity faces many threats to survival. Like Paul Hawken, I share the belief that most of the problems facing humanity are, at their core, spiritual problems, and the way to solve them is for people to awaken spiritually and religiously, in other words, to experience grace. The way to save the world for sentient life is for individuals to save their souls. It is for each person to know that they are loved, that they are among the many victors of billions of years of evolution, and that they are One of the Whole.

Today, the limits to growth and consumption are becoming more and more apparent. Most people, whether conservative or liberal, agree that there are not enough resources for everyone to live as the top five percent of the world’s consumers live. By seeking happiness where it can only fleetingly be found, in the pursuit of ever greater material wealth, people paradoxically create a greater sense of isolation and need for more stuff, creating a spiral of material wants and never ending desire for more stuff.

Instead of finding happiness in material wealth, we now have the opportunity to seek happiness where it can ALWAYS be found, in our spiritual freedom. True wealth is not in having more stuff, but rather in freedom to enjoy that which you already have.

History of this Site

The original purpose of this web site was to explore grace. I had some accidental moments of grace and was amazed and astonished by this experience. The more I explore this concept, the more I realize the wonderful healing power of grace. Eager to experience more grace in my life, I began to learn about other people’s grace experiences. I have gradually learned that I do not have to wait around for grace to accidentally find me, that instead, I can create grace. Wow! I learned that grace did not depend on any external events or circumstances. This is the ultimate liberation.Like a kid who has discovered a really cool toy, I want to share what I have learned with others so that we may play together.

Now, my goal is to be an artist of grace and to create more wisdom, gratitude and love in my life.

It is my hope that this site might help others tap into the power of grace to thrive with abundance, love and nurturing relationships.