Welcome to the Art of Grace.   Grace is the blissful appreciation for the gifts of existence, life and love. The goal of this site is help you experience grace, particularly in the light of evolution.

Light of Evolution

The energy that radiated forth 13.8 billion years ago is the same energy that shines from our sun and that shines through us when we help our friends. The DNA that first arose over 3 billion years ago is the same DNA that we carry and that will live on in our loved ones.  The carbon first created from supernovae explosions 10 billion years ago is the carbon that cycles through life on planet earth today. The oxygen released by the first photosynthetic organisms over 2 billion years ago is in the breathe shared by people around the world today.   To know that we receive from and contribute to the ongoing flow of life awakens in us the joyful, ecstatic, awesome feeling that is grace. Grace is appreciation for belonging to the FLOW of LIFE.

The Art of Grace is about creating spiritual freedom. This freedom feels like blissful friendship with one’s self, with others and with the power that creates the universe.  Most people experience occasional and accidental moments of happiness when they see a sunset, look into the eyes of a lover, or experience a moment of victory. The purpose of the Art of Grace is to help you experience moments of grace no matter what is going on.